Andy Ives is a Senior Integrated Digital Producer based in Portland, Oregon — currently available freelance or full-time.

Andy has eight years of experience in advertising, content production, digital production, live event production, product development, product management and on-location production management.

Andy is a best friend to clients, an ally to partners, an active listener and problem solver through and through. Hire Andy if you want a friendly but focused disposition, a seasoned leader who is tested by time and experience, coupled with a laser-like focus on creating great work across any medium.

Past Clients
/ Adult Swim
/ American Public Media
/ Apple
/ CenturyLink
/ CenturyLink Business
/ Darzah
/ Google
/ Meijer
/ Mizuno
/ Nationwide Insurance
/ Next Glass
/ Royal Canin
/ Samsung
/ Sherwin-Williams
/ Travelocity